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Mizushi Dragons Club

Welcome to Mizushi Dragons Club

The Mizushi Dragons Club is a collection of 555 unique NFTs minted on the SOLANA blockchain. As the owner of one Mizushi, you become a member of a unique Club that focuses on the growth of its own members.
  • Supply: 555
  • Mint Date: 23/11/22
  • Public Mint: 3
  • Presale: 2

The vision

Our vision is to create real value through blockchain technology for members of Mizushi Dragons Club through, we want to provide consistent, long-term value to our members. Our holders receive special perks including staking, merchandising, NFT customization, and much more. We want our holders to have access to the Mizushi Funds and pitch their own projects, to collectively grow from building and funding new projects. It should not be forgotten that Mizushi is a long-term project that aims to maximize the benefits of Mizushi holders in real life.
Some things will take longer than others to set up but we have taken the lead and a large part of the roadmap will be operational when the collection is released, which will give us time to complete the rest of the roadmap without weaken the community with a derisory expectation of results.

Where can I buy Mizushi?

  • I got my Mizushi now, what do I do?

    1. 1.
      Join the community
    2. 2.
      Verify your Mizushi to access DAO channels
    3. 3.
      Congrats, you are officially a part of Club! Enjoy the rewards and chill with the community.
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